Provisional Consultation Fees

For insured patients, Dr Michael Beckles’ charges are £250 for a new patient consultation and £165 per follow-up consultation. For self-payers and Embassy patients, these charges are £300 and £200, respectively. 

These fees are for Dr Beckles’ professional services only, and do not include any tests or investigations (ie. blood tests, X-rays, CT scans, etc.), which will be invoiced separately by the clinic in which they are performed.

These charges fall broadly within those recommended by the British Medical Association, and are accepted by various private health insurers. Most consultations will be covered by medical insurance, but sometimes there are limits and exclusions. Some insurers have capped fees for consultations, so there may be an excess for which you may be responsible.

Dr Michael Beckles reserves the right to levy supplementary charges for protracted or detailed further correspondence, whether by telephone, fax or e-mail.

If, for any reason, he has to employ the services of a debt collection agency to recover fees, then the amount owed will be increased by 40% to cover the costs of the agency commission and VAT.